Natural Skunk Repellent


Skunk Repellent:  Keep Skunks Away Naturally

Citrus Smells: Place orange or lemon peels around your yard for a natural skunk repellent.  Skunks find the smell of citrus to be offensive, and will think twice about entering your yard.  Place the peels around the entire perimeter of your yard, and additional peels in areas where skunks have been searching for food.

Bright Lights: Because skunks are nocturnal animals, they prefer dark areas.  In an effort to deter skunks from your yard at night when letting pets outside, flood the area with as much light as possible.  Skunks have an extreme sensitivity to light.  Upon being bathed in light, skunks will quickly relocate to another area.

Ammonia: Although unpleasant, soaking rags or cotton balls in ammonia and placing them around your yard is another way to keep skunks away naturally.  The ammonia will evaporate so replace the soaked rags every few days.

The Smell of Other Animals: Like the citrus smells and ammonia, skunks are commonly reported to be detered by the smell of other predatory animals.  Urine from dogs, cyotes, foxes and other animals can be purchased in garden stores for just this purpose!  It comes in spray form or granules to be evenly distributed on your lawn.  This form of natural skunk repellent will wash off after a rain fall, so you will need to re-apply as needed.

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